• A question on security before switching from Arch.

    Over the course of the past week I dove head first into learning Linux by installing Arch. Despite the headaches of figuring some stuff out due to pesky hardware, I have really enjoyed using it and I don’t want to lose that. However, I have growing concerns mostly due to my own ignorance and I’m wondering if Antergos might be a better solution.

    So my questions is security. Does Antergos at least have a basic level of security once it is installed that I can skip setting anything up? I’m not looking for anything intense, just reassurance that my PC isn’t some giant beacon waving in any nefarious individuals. Maybe my Arch install already is this way, but I am antsy while I use up all my time trying to read the wiki and find out. I just want to know that once Antergos is installed I’m good to go. I love Arch but I think I’m reaching the point that I want a little hand holding so I can finally play with other stuff I want to do and learn the rest over time.

    As a quick side question, does it also take care of small stuff “out of the box” such as being able to connect to network devices and use USB devices? I set up the latter on Arch but it is struggling with some devices as well that haven’t been a problem when I briefly tested some ubuntu distros. Again, I know this is all on me as I’m still learning, but I’m a bit tired at this point and also running out of spare time to get everything up and running.

    I guess that is it. I’m hoping Antergos is the answer for me. I know Manjaro exists and I briefly tried it as well, but I’ve been a little turned off based on a few things I’ve read.

  • @cptwaffles
    Antergos can be seen as Arch made easier. Antergos relies on both Arch packages and has many packages of its own. Antergos is also a rolling distro, like Arch, so you always have the latest software available.

    So Antergos is easier, but not without occasional issues. Most issues can be solved by checking Antergos wiki and forums, preferably before updating the system. And Arch wiki/forums are a useful source of information with Antergos, too.

    About security, depending on what you mean by it, Antergos should good to go as any decent Linux distro. For example, for a firewall you may want to install package gufw that provides an easy graphical interface to the firewall.

    As in Arch, Antergos has a huge number of software available. You’ll have a graphical package managers pamac and octopi that are easy to use. And pacman works just as on Arch.

    Antergos should recognize hardware quite well. But as you said, you have a pesky hardware, so some issues may arise. In such cases feel free to ask questions here, we are happy to help as much as we can!

    All in all, I think it is best to try it yourself. Sometimes what you read on the internet is quite biased (to say the least), and thus may be far away from the truth.

    Oh, almost forgot: as you probably know, you can install Antergos as dual boot with Arch, in case you still wish to keep Arch for now. Or you may try Antergos on VirtualBox, although that may not give the best picture of an operating system since it reduces performance a bit.

  • Some time ago I switched from Antergos to vanilla Arch on my main machine - for no reason, just out of curiosity. There’s no special difference if it comes to daily use. However, being asked which OS to choose, I still recommend Antergos, due to two main reasons: easy installation, and really friendly community.

  • Security mainly lays in your local network itself, and onto what you need to enable as possible doors inside your OS, like SSH, samba, avahi…
    Antergos offers also encrypted installation and as Manuel say an easy usable firewall, a must have if you install to a mobille system.

    And we have also an security alert system, what is informing about security and other.

  • Thanks for the responses so far!

    As for security, I’m mostly just wanting a system “out of the box” that covers the basics so that I’m not a big roaming target online with open access to my PC. I know generally speaking Linux itself is better than Windows in that regard, yet I know there is probably more I need to be doing. I’m just finding my time a bit limited to get everything done that I need and want to do. So I was hoping Antergos might be ready to go with security at a basic user level. For example Antergos comes with media player and codecs ready to go to get started, so I’m hoping the same goes for security. Nothing extensive, just that the essentials are covered.

    If Antergos is the same as Arch though in that I have to harden everything myself, then I may have to just suck it up and temporarily use something like Debian until I can dedicate more time to the “Arch way.” I really don’t want to do that, but I prefer to know that at least basic security is ready from the start and then I can go from there.

    Thank you guys for the help and responses. Maybe this evening I can give it a try and see how it works out.

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