• Question about pacman orphan output

    While looking to clear some free space I considered using the command to remove unused packages (orphans) and I found that for me it was actually really unsafe to do so. I tested from running Antergos on usb and copying the root filesystem to ram using ramroot and then removing my usb drive, the command (other Newbies please don’t use this command without being sure that it doesn’t remove anything you need as it would have broken my system if I had used it on my actual installation) pacman -Rns $(pacman -Qtdq) This command to remove orphaned packages wanted to remove all of this 0_1523688373408_Screenshot_2018-04-14_02-44-31.png And so my question now that I know whether I should or shouldn’t use this command is why all of these packages have been marked as orphans by my system? Mainly at the bottom where it lists all of the xfce4 packages. I definitely need those so I just wanted to understand better why/how the system marks what files are listed there so that I don’t accidentally break my system in the future.

  • pacman -Rns $(pacman -Qtdq) is not the “official remove unused packages hack” at all… but it seems like you have uninstalled antergos-xfce-meta?

    this package is the bookend for your XFCE packages:

    depends=('evince' 'file-roller' 'gamin' 'gnome-calculator' 'gnome-disk-utility'
        'gnome-keyring' 'gtk-engine-murrine' 'gvfs-google' 'gvfs-mtp' 'mousepad'
        'network-manager-applet' 'networkmanager-openvpn' 'networkmanager-pptp'
        'pamac' 'parole' 'python-pysmbc' 'polkit-gnome' 'pragha' 'qt5ct' 'ristretto'
        'thunar' 'thunar-archive-plugin' 'thunar-volman' 'transmission-gtk' 'tumbler'
        'xdg-user-dirs-gtk' 'exo' 'garcon' 'gtk-xfce-engine' 'xcursor-breeze'
        'xfce4-appfinder' 'xfce4-panel' 'xfce4-power-manager' 'xfce4-session'
        'xfce4-settings' 'xfce4-terminal' 'xfconf' 'xfdesktop' 'xfwm4' 'xfwm4-themes'
        'xfburn' 'xfce4-battery-plugin' 'xfce4-datetime-plugin' 'xfce4-notifyd'
        'xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin' 'xfce4-screenshooter' 'xfce4-taskmanager'

    check: pacman -Qs antergos- to see what is installed

  • @joekamprad This is what I get with that 0_1523692839030_Screenshot_2018-04-14_03-58-38.png I probably did accidentally uninstall that antergos-xfce-meta somehow. Should I attempt to reinstall that since I installed and plan to continue to use the xfce desktop? I see that I shouldn’t use that command I was just looking at doing some maintenance as my install size got a little large for my flash drive and was trying to do some maintenance from the arch page https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Pacman/Tips_and_tricks#Removing_unused_packages_.28orphans.29 . Cleaning the package cache seems to have been fine so I don’t really need to remove the orphaned packages anyway just trying to learn a little more.

  • You can just reinstall the antergos-xfce-meta package after this the dependencies inside the package are no longer list as orphan.

  • @joekamprad Okay, thank you very much I’ve learned a little bit today.

  • you are welcome here at Antergos!

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