• Unresponsive desktop after closing then opening labtop lid


    I just installed antergos with the xfce desktop environment (dual boot with windows 10) and am having problems when I close the lid of my labtop.

    Well when I close the lid and open it again I have no issues but when I start my session again I am still able to see the desktop or whatever I had open but a few seconds later the computer does not respond to any command and I have to force the shutdown.

    Any help is appreciated! :)

  • It was a problem with the video card driver and so I followed the antergos wiki tutorial for nvidia optimus and installed the necessary drivers.
    Then the problem was fixed

  • @carlos-britog25
    Welcome to Antergos! :)

    And great that you have solved the problem on your own. The solution may also help other users with similar problems.

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