All my apps are closed and i’m forced to login. 2 days ago everything worked perfectly (resuming to all my opened apps and no password was required) but now it doesn’t. I upgraded system recently but i dont find any app there that can be responsible for this behavior. Does any1 has any idea or suggestion what it might be?

in dmesg ACPI info are succeeded example: [152919.903093] ata5.00: ACPI cmd ef/10:06:00:00:00:00 (SET FEATURES) succeeded

but :

[152915.564153] acpi LNXPOWER:03: Turning OFF
[152915.564184] OOM killer enabled.
[152915.564184] Restarting tasks ... done.

i’m not sure if “Restarting tasks” is as it should be.

Can any1 pls gimme a hint?