• Nautilus Recent folder and TXT/PDF default viewers

    I know there is a way to get rid of the “recent” folder in Gnome 3 Files via:
    Settings -> Privacy -> Usage and History
    The thing is that I want to keep history in the default gedit and Evince (Gnome default programs for Text and PDF files respectively)!
    In dconf Editor there is some options:

    • remember-app-usage : this option doesn’t seems to do anything to influence application histories whatever change I pick (TRUE or FALSE)
    • remember-recent-file : this option is basically what do Settings/Privacy/Usage and History

    Now what I want is that default Text and PDF viewers shouldn’t be monitored for their own histories and their recent files kept in the editor menus even if if “Usage and History”/Recent folder are turned off.

    wiping the file
    remove also the two preceding editor menu from recent files.

  • Now this is really a shame, for more than 15 years, Gnome developer team didn’t notice something like this. Even in Windows 10 I have a simple option to clear the recent folder in Explorer without messing with applications own recent files in their menus.
    I have been tracking this problem for more than one week, and sound like gnome solved some old issues only the recent releases.

  • But having this app specific is what you are asking for… or may i do not understand at all what you asking here…

    recently-used put on or off… for all GNOME apps

    searching dconf also do not show any possibilities to have this per application.

  • So far I can tell LibreOffice, Gimp and a lot of other applications are not affected by this system purging. Only Text, PDF, Image, Audio/Video gnome default managers are monitored for their own files histories.
    I give an example: I installed Xed text editor. When xed is not the default text editor, he keep his recent files history. If I change it to default gnome text viewer (via property routine), he lose his files history when turning off recent files.
    So why this drastic purging system in gnome (which anyway work only partially) when each application has her own way of configuring recent files?

  • @ben_h said in Nautilus Recent folder and TXT/PDF default viewers:

    when each application has her own way of configuring recent files?

    The GNOME apps do not have ther own the use the one (adwaita=meaning “non-dual” in Sanskrit) together…

    Thats the current core idea of GNOME development.

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