• Keepass not working anymore after mono upgrade

    Anyone else experiencing this issue?

    aot-runtime.c:2441: Image out of date assembly:/usr/share/keepass/KeePass.exe.so type:<unknown type> member:(null) signature:<none>
  • I downgraded mono and it works again, but of course that’s not a long term solution

  • Speaking of password managers, any place to find out which ones people prefer?

    I’m testing all three or four I found. TX and sry if this is off-topic.

  • Well, I would only recommend open source offline ones. I’m trying KeePassXC as an alternative to the bloated Keepass one that uses mono and only works half well most of the time. I would never recommend the online ones like lastpass

  • @earthmind said in Keepass not working anymore after mono upgrade:


    I started using BitWarden. I’m also looking into KeePassXC. TX!

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