Sorry that my first post here is problem-related. I first installed Antergos a month ago, and I have now switched over to it as my primary system, leaving Windows. Both my laptop and desktop are running with the KDE de. a couple of weeks ago, the desktop started losing the (hard-wired) network when resuming after suspend. The laptop never has, although both are kept right up-to-date.

The problem comes and goes. It will work fine for several days, then not work for a couple of days. I found this thread on the Arch forum, but it’s not much help to me as I don’t know the OS all that well.

Entering these two instructions into the terminal when I resume brings the network back immediately, but it’s kind of a pain:

sudo modprobe -r r8169

sudo modprobe r8169

I found those in a thread somewhere and have been using them. I’m hoping that this is a problem that’s been solved, and someone here can help me out. I hope this isn’t a problem that’s unique to my set up somehow.

Thank you for giving this a look.