• Caps lock led not working.


    The led is working even on the grub window (at boot) but as X11 starts it not working anymore even on tty.

    I have tried “sudo kbd_mode -u” without success but with “xkbvleds -watch 1” and pressing caps lock the diode fires on in xkbvleds window.

    I can’t find anything clean/clear about in the docs.

    Any help is wellcome, thank you.

  • Hi. I have no idea if this is going to help but first give man setleds a quick read. I believe you’ll have to go into console mode for this.
    I believe that setleds -L +caps might do it.
    -L is for lighting it up.
    REad the synopsis from the `man

  • Hi Modisc,

    Thanks for your help ! Yes I tried setleds without success but I found the problem… I had a grub option for the touchpad which was interfering with the caps lock led. I just removed it and everythings is working fine.


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