• GNOME mode/Antergos 18.3 : how install additional Desktops like KDE

    I tried install Antergos 18.3 in KDE mode
    but got
    1041143 error
    at the end of installation…

    After I reinstalled above failed KDE - delete all data and installed - GNOME mode/Antergos 18.3 THIS WAS SUCCESS

    HOW having Gnome,… I can install additional environments like kde, cinenamon, deepin… and how can switch between?

    Also can you provide link to differences between ArchLinux/Antergos and [ CentOS 7 or Ubuntu ] and also link in docs of Antergos or ArchLinux how install packages/software in CLI shell line and how upgrade/update system???

  • the package manager for Archlinux/Antergos is pacman:


    But on Antergos we have also a graphical packagemanger called pamac installed by default.

    To get KDE installed, i would recomment to uninstall GNOME before, as this two candidates do n ot work well together on same installation.

    Press [Ctrl+alt+F2] to get to CLI (and out of Desktop Environment)
    Install KDE/Plasma: sudo pacman -S antergos-kde-meta
    then uninstall GNOME: sudo pacman -Rsc antergos-gnome-meta
    And reboot sudo reboot

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