• LightDM : problem on login and wake up

    Dear all, thx in advance for your precious help.
    I installed Xfce with LightDM on a Acer Aspire 7220 with Nvidia Geforce 7000M. When loging in and on the screen AFTER clicking on the time, the username is displayed. When I type the pw the dots are not displayed and the line where they should appear keeps hiding/displaying. On the FIRST login, after typing the pw and although it is not displayed, the log in works. But once the systems goes into sleep mode it cannot be woken up again. I have read several topics on LightDM etx but have not been able to what solution to apply and if these are two separate pbs.

  • Don’t know about the login problem - maybe video driver related.

    The problem after the system goes into sleep mode sounds very familiar. There is a known problem with light-locker and XFCE. I hit the same sleep problem when I installed Antergos. In the end, the only way I could fix it was to install xcreeensaver and remove light-locker.

    Don’t remember how I managed to uninstall lght-locker - from memory it was a bit hit or miss, but I did eventually manage it.

  • xscreensaver is working very nice with xfce, it intergrartes inside settings when installed…

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