• Cnchi does not install Nvidia Drivers during Installaion

    Is it me or anyone else facing the same problem too?
    Cnchi does not install the Nvidia drivers during installation when the option of Graphics Drivers (Proprietary) is checked.

    Is it a cnchi bug?

  • No not just you has not worked for a wait now…

  • @v3n0m Can you provide install logs?

    To create an archive of all install logs:

    tar -czf ~/cnchi-logs.tar.gz /var/log/cnchi/

    Will create a cnchi-logs.tar.gz under the home of current user.

    you can upload to https://filebin.net/ and provide the url to it…

  • @joekamprad
    Just did a fresh usb install of 18.4 with Nvidia driver selected and the driver was not install.

    Log uploaded…

  • missing the url to your log ;)

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