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    I could never accomplish this with Gnome. Maybe Xfce, but this is KDE Plasma5. The only other application running besides the system monitor is the screenshot tool. And, still…Under 1GB of RAM used! I love it! Without any windows open, the system is only using .58 GB’s. Amazing!alt text

  • No surprise. Kde Plasma 5 consumes about 400-500M in idle. Gnome3 starts at about 800M for doing nothing, then grows.

    Some figures are here.

  • @adam-worth

    People used to say that KDE was heavy, well… apparently that has changed and I risk saying it’s light now, not just RAM usage, CPU too.

    Tip if you like dark panels but don’t want the whole system dark:

    Settings > Workspace theme > Desktop theme > Breeze Dark > Apply

    The panel and desktop widgets will have a dark theme and the rest of the windows will still have the Breeze light theme. You can mix them if you want, this is what I do, light windows + dark panel.

  • @adam-worth said in Preaching To The Choir - KDE = Low Resources:


    I have to agree, as I set up an old 3:4 laptop for my 86 year old mother. Two GB RAM and a Celeron processor.

    Xfce was my first thought, but I desided to give KDE a go, and lo and behold it runs smoothly, plays Spotify without hickups, and even streams TV using a VPN when shes abroad.

    The streaming TV part was a major sellingpoint for making her use the computer in the first place, as they tend to speak spanish on spanish TV, and she’s far from fluent. 😁

    KDE as resource heavy seems to be something of the past

  • All this talk over several fora and sites of KDE’s low memory consumption and high grade applications has started making me think of changing my beloved GNOME Shell to KDE Plasma…

  • Hi @tasoskane. If you do, be patient with the slightly different approach to the desktop and its settings. There is a lot to explore, but it works great fresh out of the box, too. Mistakes can be corrected, so if you lose something (like the top panel as I did once) don’t fret; you can get it back. :-D

  • @tasoskane said in Preaching To The Choir - KDE = Low Resources:

    All this talk over several fora and sites of KDE’s low memory consumption and high grade applications has started making me think of changing my beloved GNOME Shell to KDE

    If You do, I highly recomend BigDaddys exelent videos on Youtube when it comes to tweeking the set up the way You want it.

    The “costumability” is on an entirely different scale, but don’t expect it to work “as it should do”. It’s a differnt mindset.

    I spent a great deal of time getting HDMI to work with my TV as a monitor, there was was simply so many options, and then there was the HDMI audio…

    So be prepared for something else. 🤔

  • @tasoskane

    As someone who has just changed from Gnome to KDE, I would recommend you take a good look and consider trying it. I was unable to login to Gnome after the update to 3.28 due to a problem in my config files. A few Gnome Shell extensions had also been problematic for a couple of months. As I’ve been running Antergos Gnome since May 2014 I decided a fresh install would do no harm, and having seen good reports of KDE went for that to try it out for a few weeks.
    So far, the experience has been very positive. RAM usage is about 450MB when started. It is modern, responsive, very versatile, attractive and fun to use! Maybe a bit retro in a nice way with wobbly windows, desktop cube and desktop shortcuts, if you choose to enable them. The ability to customise almost everything is refreshing, and slightly overwhelming at first. Most things can be modified and enabled from within system settings without the hassle of installing Gnome Shell extensions with their associated problems. Additional desktop widgets, etc can be downloaded from within settings. A very versatile system for setting up your desktop just how you want.
    There is a good selection of KDE applications. I was already using several KDE apps under Gnome, so these are more attractive now. I’m still using a few Gnome apps because they work better for me, these are Simple Scan, Gnome Calculator and Deja Dup. They all work well without dragging in loads of Gnome dependencies and look good. You can configure the look of Gnome apps under system settings.
    It does take time to explore, and remember, all the settings available, the KDE apps, also the desktop and panel widgets. You do need to approach it with an open mind as it does work differently to Gnome. Once or twice in the first week I’ve thought about going back to Gnome, probably due to the comfort factor, but as time goes by I’m feeling much more at home with KDE and can’t see any real reason to go back to Gnome for the time being. Highly recommended!

  • As someone else who is having a few problems since the latest update to Gnome, I am also considering a move to KDE. I’m guessing a fresh install would be best, but is there a way to install KDE, remove Gnome, etc. without having to reinstall again? (I don’t necessarily want to have to go through the entire backup process unless necessary.)

  • I tried to switch DEs more than one time and it is a big mess, I don’t recommend.

    Copy and paste your files from /home into a pendrive or an external drive and make a fresh install formatting and erasing everything from the partition (Gparted can help).

    I don’t trust backup tools, Deja Dup didn’t work for me, my data wasn’t able to be recovered. The best way is to manually copy and paste to a pendrive/external drive and copy and paste them again to /home folders after the new install.

  • @ssspacez said in Preaching To The Choir - KDE = Low Resources:

    Intenté cambiar DEs más de una vez y es un gran desastre, no lo recomiendo.

    Always to change DE, it is best to do it in another partition, that way there will be no problems with packages that are crashing or missing in one application or another as the libraries too.

  • I’ve installed KDE on all my mini-PCs and old laptop since some time last year. I used to only use xfce on them but I don’t really notice much difference. I only use xfce on my two VMs now cause it works best with x2goserver.

    Gnome is a no go for me cause it “needs” extensions and the limited gnome-tweak-tool to get things the way you want and that just asks for problems when updating now and then. One thing that got me thinking was a discussion about trying out Gnome on the Destination Linux show, where one guy mentioned a lot of stuff that extensions solves/enhances/whatever, and the reply usually was that KDE has it built-in.

    I don’t customize much though so it’s mostly coming down to the fact that KDE is the one I like best out of the box without having to fiddle around with settings for 30 minutes after install. I do reinstall more often than most ppl cause I don’t have stuff stored locally worth a damn anyway.

    Looking forward to the the next with the option to switch outputs from the Audio Volume widget. It’s the small things in life that counts :P

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