• GNOME update messes up dark theme

    I was running the Adwaita-dark theme on my installation, but when the latest updates installed, the dark theme stopped working properly. (date and time fields are no longer on my Google calendar or in web forms, for instance). The update replaced tweaks-tool (am I remembering the name correctly?) with GNOME-Tweaks. (It asked if I wanted to replace it, but I didn’t see a reason not to.) Could that be part of the problem, and is there any way to get my dark theme working right again?

  • they remove global dark theme button, but adwaita-dark is still working here.

  • @joekamprad The theme works except in date and time fields as seen in this screenshot of Google Calendar, where the date and time fields have been selected but cannot be seen: Google calendar test event

  • Here, I hope, is the link to the screenshot (for some reason, I am having trouble editing the initial reply): Google calendar screenshot

  • try the Arc theme, you will not regret it!

  • @quimkaos Unfortunately, the Arc-dark theme (which I like) gives me the same problem as the Adwaita-dark theme. Even after I enter information into the date and time fields when creating an event in Google calendar, it is not visible. For now, I am using Paper, which is okay but not my favorite.

  • Are you using Firefox? Then have a look here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Firefox#Unreadable_input_fields_with_dark_GTK.2B_themes
    Firefox is known to have issues with dark themes. This site shows some workarounds for this problem.

  • @talvi - I am using Firefox, but adding the extension mentioned did not work. Changing the :not CSS selectors in the input:not field did not work as my about:config does not show that field. Creating the new string type preference in about:config also did not work. I did not try the remaining “workaround” as forcing Firefox to use a light theme defeats the idea of a unified look.

    I installed Ice so I could have dedicated app buttons for specific things I do every day (such as check my calendar) and allows me to launch them as a application without having to open a browser. However, it does not allow me to use Vivaldi as the underlying browser for launching that “application.” In addition, Gnome Calendar is still horrible (sometimes cuts off list of available calendars and when creating a new event it sometimes also blocks the ending time field with the list of events already created and scheduled for that day).

    I did not have the trouble with the input fields on Google Calendar until the latest update of Gnome, so I think it is a Gnome rather than a Firefox problem.

  • Apparently, the problem is from within the Ice SSB as when I open Google Calendar in Firefox as another tab, everything seems to display fine. For some reason, I am unable to use Ice with Vivaldi, even though it was designed to work with Vivaldi by the original developers. Because of the way Ice creates its SSBs (site-specific browsers) I have no access to an address bar in order to try an make changes in about:config, and the changes I might make from within Firefox to not carry over to the SSBs I create, even though they also use Firefox to launch.

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