• Fonts and themes are messed up.

    Hey all.
    I messed up my fonts and my KDE theme (On separate occasions). And now I cannot find a way to fix it. I tried changing my DE fonts and tried other DEs. Also, I changed theme with both KDE and Gnome. Still, I cannot find out what is going on! alt text
    Please look at the menu on the left. Colors are de-contrasted.

  • This post is deleted!
  • So I figured out a way to fix the fonts.
    I deleted all TTFs and reinstalled all font packs. and used fc-cache.
    However, KDE is still pretty much messed up.

  • It is good to learn on fixing thouse selfmade issues, but i would reset my configurations by creating a new user, and copy paste not messed up configs for stuff like browser links and emailsettings to new user account.

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