• Having issues with lockscreen

    Running Antergos on Razer Blade Stealth.


    • On boot, I can log in and work just fine.
    • If I close my lid, the login screen comes up.
    • After logging in, about 20 seconds later the screen will dim and lock
    • Only fixable on reboot.

    It can be reproduced infinitely. I have tried swapping lightdm with gdm, to no avail. My guess is that the timer for the lockscreen is somehow being shortened, but I’m not sure.

  • what DE (GNOME KDE e.t.c.) ?

  • I also had several issues with Lock-Screen, Shutdown, Log-Out, etc…

    The setup which is working best for me is GNOME on Xorg + GDM.

  • @schmunk willkommen!

    GDM+GNOME on xorg is a stable duo!
    But GDM is hungry.

    I am on lightdm+slick-greeter working well with i3+GNOME but it’s a Desktop system.

    If you have GNOME on mobile device the most simple working solution is to use GDM.

  • @joekamprad Sorry for the late reply. I’m on GNOME. I’ve also been logging in with Xorg if that helps.

  • You are sure GDM is up and running?

    HOWTO: https://antergos.com/wiki/desktops/installing-display-managers/

    If yes, go to gnome-control-center and do setup for Display and energy related things.

    Take a look inside ~/.config/autostart if you are not familar with stuff like this:
    post the output of this command from a terminal:

    ls ~/.config/autostart
    There mayby some disturbing stuff autostarting …

  • @joekamprad Alright I’ve tried a few things to narrow down the issue.

    First, here’s the output

     > ls .config/autostart/
    cnchi.desktop  first-boot-hotfix.desktop  tilda.desktop

    Second, I’ve swapped over to GDM for a few days and here are my findings.

    • GDM bugs out way more than lightdm does (locks sooner and more aggressively) when closing the lid.
    • GDM does NOT bug out when left to suspend on it’s own (leaving it alone until it locks, but not closing the lid).
    • Still requires reboot to fix behaviour.
  • @nanda1123 said in Having issues with lockscreen:

    cnchi.desktop first-boot-hotfix.desktop

    this two files can safely removed…

  • @joekamprad I deleted the two files, but the issue still persists.

    Another finding that may be helpful

    • If I initiate suspend (through say, the power button) then close the lid, the issue doesn’t happen.
  • My response was not related to you issue, the two files was caus of a installer bug only…

    The onmly thing comes to my mind is to try to uninstall lioghtdm (needs uninstalling antergos-gnome-meta with sudo pacman -R antergos-gnome-meta first) This was helping here on problems with gdm before…

  • I believe I have fixed this issue.

    • Firstly, I don’t think uninstalling lightdm was the proper fix, but I did it anyways to try. So I uninstalled lightdm and all it’s dependencies.
    • The detail was actually found in this repo. Under the Suspend Loop section, I followed the steps and edited grub.conf. I wasn’t able to restart grub with sudo update-grub so I needed to use sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg.
    • After rebooting, I have been able to close the lid to my laptop multiple times and have had no issue with suspend loops.

    Thank you to those that helped!

  • Update-Grub is from Debian based…

    Nice to see you are solving the issue!
    May we put this to wiki.

  • @joekamprad I would recommend putting this on the wiki, it took a lot of digging to fix this.

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