Hi yall,

Been playing with Antergos for the first time and loving it!

Question, I initially installed gnome, but decided to switch to kde-plasma post installation. I pacman -S kde-plasma and the migration seems stable and successful. Now I have these lingering gnome packages:

antergos-gnome-defaults-list 1.1-3
gnome-autoar 0.2.3-1
gnome-backgrounds 3.28.0-1
gnome-bluetooth 3.28.0-1
gnome-desktop 1:3.28.0-1
gnome-keyring 1:
gnome-menus 3.13.3+29+g7f0844e-1
gnome-online-accounts 3.27.92+3+gdde33649-1
gnome-online-miners 3.26.0-1
gnome-session 3.28.0-1
gnome-settings-daemon 3.28.0+4+gef32315a-1
gnome-shell 3.28.0-1
gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock 1:61-1
gnome-shell-extension-status-menu-buttons 0.3-2
gnome-shell-extensions 3.28.0+1+g496ae16-1
gnome-themes-extra 3.28-1
libgnome-keyring 3.12.0-2
libgnomekbd 3.26.0+5+g1c1b585-1

Is it okay to remove them. Or better question, how would I use pacman to discover if it would break some dependency?