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    Hello. I’m never sure how to preface a forum post, so I’ll just go balls deep:

    I ran into an issue on my previous Antergos install where my text input would just randomly freeze. It seemed to unfreeze when I would move my cursor outside of the program I was typing in, but to make a long story short I pulled a newbie move and just went for a reinstall. I had some issues during reinstallation that I can’t recall, but a new problem arose in my current install.

    In my current install I can hardly play any games. I know games in general are not a big thing in the Linux platform, but they ran perfectly fine on my last install. I play mostly Terraria and it ran buttery smooth with no chugging whatsoever, but now I have awful chugging. It is especially bad when moving through different biomes. I can’t even start up any games through PlayOnLinux or even WINE alone. I was previously able to play games like Tabletop Simulator and even Civilization V. TTS bugs the hell out and is laggy and Civ V refuses to even open before crashing.

    I am quite the newbie still, so this could be attributed to a multitude of simple issues that I am just oblivious to. I looked into drivers and didn’t get much from that. Here is my neofetch for my specifications, by the way: stolen themes.

    Another important detail is that I use Compton to fix screen tearing. Without Compton on, Terraria (the example I used for this testing) would of course have screen tearing, but it would have no chugging. It would instead have a persistent fps lag.

  • @aervec do you usually use the steam libraries or the updated system libraries? I’ve seen before that they can have a dramatic difference in performance, generally better.

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