• The Pain of Nouveau + New Hardware Fun Times

    Hey All,

    Long time, dedicated user, new to the forums.

    The short and sweet-

    I have an optimus laptop (discrete+nvidia 1060), and my primary card is not supported by nouveau.

    What I would like to do is simple - install Antergos without nouveau. I have tried installing and hand-picking out nouveau but not no avail (blacklisting, rebuilding initramfs, etc). I would like to knock out the installation of nvidia proprietary drivers during installation, can anyone provide me the definitive way to do this? I am very familiar with bumblebee as long as I am at a point where nvidia drivers are installed an nouveau is gone.

    I have tried some guides to removing it post install but a lot are outdated/a lot of people just assume nouveau works now for everything. There used to be an option in cnchi to install but it does not seem to be there anymore. I have logged a bug in the bug tracker about this, but no response as of yet.

    Thank you all in advance for your help! :)

  • @the_nomad00 Also, I have tried the community nvidia iso’s, they all seem to be abandoned/non functioning.

  • I have an GTX 1060 laptop too. This machine offers me the possibility to turn off optimus in the bios. If you machine offers the same option, you could use joekamprad’s nvidia iso. Joe is one of the moderators of this forum, his downloads can be found here

  • Necro’ing this topic wiith a (potentially) final update.

    If you want to get an optimus laptop, and have switching, the native hardware video outputs, and the software defined USB-C/TB outputs to work simultaneously, you are out of luck, we dont have support yet. I spent a lot of painful time coming to this conclusion, and learned a lot about arch in the process. not all was to waste, but it looks like were going to have to wait some time before we get full support.

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