• error in installing antergos Cnchi error

    Hi, I’m having problems installing Antergos.
    Cnchi Stable v0.14.410 error
    I expected the update of Cnchi, then clicked on Cnchi Mirror list (Recommended)
    makes downloads of packages and when will check the integrity to install of the message
    Cnchi error install error number
    I have an internet reapplied that will corrupt the packages or something else please help
    Antergos 18.3
    Dell i7 notebook, 8gb memory, ssd crucial 525GB, intel graphics 620

  • It’s annoying when it happens, but sometimes this happens. It could be a bad mirror or a corrupted package. There’s a very large chance that if you restart the ISO and do the installation again, it will install the system without a problem.
    Good luck.☺

  • thanks for the help Bryanpwo more I already tried to download the ISO again and make the pendrive with Etcher is nothing there I clicked on Cnchi Default mirror list, or instead of Cnchi miiror recommended list and installed
    Cnchi Recommended mirror list does not install
    Chchi Default mirror list installed
    Cnchi Advanced list does not install
    but anyway I installed KDE Antergos and it’s running
    Thanks for the help Bryanpwo resolved topic

  • Have fun with it and Welcome at Antergos forum, by the way.

  • thank you my friend

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