• Gnome or gnome xorg?

    I’ve been playing around with these settings (gnome, gnome xorg from the long in manager) and here’s my experience.
    On gnome xorg my desktop loads MUCH quicker but applications about the same but when the system is under heavy load the applications become very jittery or lag quite a bit
    On plane old gnome the desktop takes 10-15 seconds to fully load after log in but after that applications load about the same they would on xorg, no really differents there. But when the system is under heavy load the applications behavior are about the same as if the system was at idol with a studder here or there but that’s typical of any os

    I’m no professional with Linux so I thought I would ask someone with a little more experience in this field what they think would be best to use

    System specs
    Graphics: gtx 1080 driver vr 390.** Nonfree
    Processor:intel 6700k Skylake
    Motherboard:MSI z170a sli plus

    That’s all I can remember off the top of my head.

    What would you all recommend?

  • If you are using nvidia drivers and the default loginmanager both start entries for GNOME will do exactly the same, starting GNOME with X11.

    The entry GNOME is not older it is there o start GNOME wayland session instead of X11.

  • But the combination of GNOME lightdm (default Loginmanager) and Nvidia Driver will make it almost impossible to start a wayland session…

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