• Libreoffice 6/Gnome 3.28, Wayland

    Has anyone else noticed that Libreoffice 6 on Gnome 3.28 with wayland opens with the generic icon rather than the calc or writer? Doesn’t happen on an xorg session.

  • Icon=libreoffice-writer this is what libreoffice-writer calls on startup (from its desktop file)

    But may GNOME+Wayland have its own rules ;)

    and calles icon=org.libreoffice.LibreOffice-writer ?

    With GNOME 3.28 comes some namechanges not already merged to all iconthemes…

  • @joekamprad - the exec is libreoffice --writer/calc/impress
    if writer is on the dash and opened, with xorg the indicator is placed againt writer. with wayland a new libreoffice icon is opened with the indicator against it. This happened before the 3.28 update btw. just another reason not to use wayland…

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