• authentication is required to mount /dev/sda1

    i installed ubuntu before (OS on sda1, swap on sda2), then i wanted to try antergos so i splitted sda1 in half and made sda3 and dual booted.

    i used gnome first, but yesterday i updated my packages and gnome dropped support for desktop icons and i got mad and switched to deepin, everything is amazing except that every time i login i have to enter my password to mount /dev/sda1 (the ubuntu partition), and if i (cancel) then i get the same request every single time i open (deepin file manager) so i must enter my password to get rid of it, gnome didn’t have this problem, is there a way i could disable that?, in gnome i only had to type password when i open the partition … or can i disable that password? i don’t even know why i have to enter that password since when i dual boot ubuntu it doesn’t require password to mount /dev/sda3

  • The file manager probably has the partition set as automount, that’s why it keeps asking for a password. You can disable that if you go to the menu in the fillemanager ( the stripes underneath each other) and select mount. Then you can disable the Ubuntu partition.

  • Thanks :) problem solved

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