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    I use it regularly but is there any way to move it up slightly so it is just up above the status bar. Reason being the only way I can get them to not clash is to Audohide them both which is a pain as sometime when I need to select a minimised window. Docky keeps jumping over the top. If I could move it up a few pixels say about 10 it would be clear of the status bar.

    I don’t want to move it say the top or anywhere else just up a few pixels so it stops this issue. Any idea if this can be done.

    I think Plank has a similar issue where its one of 4 orientations don’t know about Cairo Dock never used it.

  • You might want to not expand Mate’s panel to the whole screen width | height. Plank may be placed anywhere along the screen edges, and not only strictly in the center, left-right, top-bottom screen extremetees.

    If Mate’s panel is not expanded, then both panel and Plank may be placed at the same screen edge. Panel and Plank don’t interfer one with another. They are hidden and shown independently one from another.

    On the picture below, if both panel (on the left) and Plank (on the right) are autohidden, then the mouse at the bottom left side will unhide the panel only. At the bottom right side the mouse will unhide Plank only.


    I doubt that Docky, Plank, Cairo-dock may be moved in any direction by a few pixels.

  • @just said in Docky question...:

    I doubt that Docky, Plank, Cairo-dock may be moved in any direction by a few pixels.

    Edit: I doubt that Docky, Plank, Cairo-dock may be detached from screen edges by a few pixels.

    Sorry for auto-quoting, forum’s editing feature seems to be broken forever.

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