• Corebird not starting

    After the update to 3.28 (which went smoothly), today I tried opening corebird, and the output error I get is :

    corebird: error while loading shared libraries: libgspell-1.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    All ideas are welcome, as the gspell package is already installed - and reinstalled.

  • @tasoskane said in Corebird not starting:


    locate libgspell


    should be reported at github then, as the package needs to be updated… @developers

  • @tasoskane if you need it now: build from AUR:

    yaourt corebird
    1 antergos/corebird 1.7.4-1
        Native Gtk+ Twitter Client
    2 aur/corebird 1.7.4-1 (147) (3.07)
        Native Gtk+ Twitter Client
    3 aur/corebird-git 1:1.7.2.r0.g6d2f3f26-1 (76) (0.00)
        Native Gtk+ Twitter Client
    ==> Enter n° of packages to be installed (e.g., 1 2 3 or 1-3)
    ==> ---------------------------------------------------------

    Press 2 and build --> installs from AUR…

  • Thanks @joekamprad! Will wait for the updated package on the Antergos repo, not a fan of AUR, I only use it for non-essential packages (themes, icons etc).

  • I just rebuild native Antergos PKGBUILD and it works fine:

  • Unfortunately reinstalling the app through the official repository (antergos) didn’t do the trick… I’ll wait the @developers to update it.

  • yes it needs to be rebuilded against the new version of gspell, but devs will need to catch it and oush the rebuild, this will need some time…

  • Download Polly for now, it works great.

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