• How do I get back my desktop icons?

    After updating gnome from 3.26 to 3.28 my desktop is not displaying any icons. I’ve tried using dconf-editor to adjust icon settings, but this does not help. Since gnome-themes-standard and gnome-tweak-tool were replaced in the update I tried to get my icons back in the tweak tool. But there’s not even an option there anymore. For now I’ve given up and switched to deepin. But I would still like to switch back to gnome, even though just ripping out desktop icons really seems like breaking my user experience.

    Anyone know how I get my icons back?

  • For GNOME 3.28 GNOME-devs removed the desktop icons from be handled by nautilus, so it seems that at the moment there is no common way to get them back, the plan is to reate an extension to handle this:


    But it is not ready now…


  • Ok that answers that question in full with some nice background info. Thank you.

    I suppose I’m not the only one scratching my head why such a giant change in user experience is warranted for some “cool new features and goodies” I do not experience and cannot see other than read in some blogpost . Something other than gnome it is 🤦‍♂️.I’ll see what appears after banging my head against my keyboard repeatedly in a random pattern.

  • Humans are creatures of habits ;)

    better get used to something new! may way better in the long term…

    I see mostly users using the desktop to store files they may or may not need, or only need one time…
    then they use it as storage for needed stuff (i put it here and later i paste it to where it belongs)…

    Then after a year desktop is full of non organized stuff…

    instead files should go immediately where there belong too, or be deleted.

    For temp. stuff i use Downloads.

  • @joekamprad BuLLsHit…maybe you use it for temp. stuff but I keep organized folders that I open frequently from my desktop. They BELONG on my desktop b/c they are convenient to access from the desktop (for the same reason you have a docklet or shortcut for your internet browser or file manager).

  • @jackbauer

    This is the way I worked around the problem. Go to Add/Remove Packages and search for “dash to panel” and install it. Reboot.

    Then start “Tweaks” and go to “Extensions” on the left. Enable “Dash to Panel” and open the options menu.
    In the Dash to Panel window, “Position and Style” tab
    Set “panel size” to 36 Pixel
    Set “App icon Margin” to 0
    Set “Clock location” to right of status menu
    Go to the “Behavior” tab
    enable “Show AppMenu button”

    This will get you started, and then you can experiment with other options.

    To add to the panel, go to show applications, right click on desired App and “Add To Favorites”. New icon for the app appears in panel and you can drag to a different position.

    To get almost instant access to folders, open tweaks, go to the extensions tab on the left, then enable “Place status indicator”

    To add a folder to “Places” open nautilus, open the desired folder, click on options and “Add to bookmarks” That folder will appear in “Places”. Two clicks (one on places, and one on the folder) and you are there.

    Hope that helps.

  • Forgot. To remove a folder from the Nautilus bookmarks and therefore from “Places”, open Nautilus and right click on the bookmark, then remove.

    Here is a screen shot of what this looks like.

    alt text

  • Although eliminating the desktop icons makes a nice looking blank space, whether to leave it that way is a matter of opinion. It is also not answer the OP’s question. The way to restore the icons is to install either the the Desktop Icons or Desktop Chaos (for more sorting options) extension (or possibly another) from GNOME extensions (Many extensions provide features removed from GNOME).

  • Desktop Icons extension: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1465/desktop-icons/
    Desktop Chaos extension: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1644/desktop-chaos/
    both not available for gnome shell 3.32 …

    –closing this old thread–

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