• Failed to delete the item from the trash

    Can no longer empty the trash bin .Something to do with you don,t permission…
    Worked fine before the 3.28 update…
    Not working with nautilus , nautilus with admin , or BleachBit…?

  • hi @Ozy
    So even if you were to go to /home/Ozy/.local/share and rm your Trash and then start over it doesn’ delete?
    Can try with sudo if your permissions wont allow you.
    Once deleted, the Trash will just reappear and start over with a new one.

  • @ozy
    Better yet, best to change permissions using chown

  • Some how I now have two Trash Bins. wtf


  • I just see that ~/.local/share/Trash is not used anymore… i am not sure if this comes up with GNOME 3.28 ?
    But it looks like this is handled by gvfs now… and uses another “place”

  • @ozy you can remove the Trash folder complete then:

    rm -R ~/.local/share/Trash/

  • It still users the .local/share/Trash as the main bin I can delete anything in that folder. And empty it

    But the Trash folder on the left with the yellow bar is 6gb old home folder. I Can’t empty , delete , restore , or copy a thing in that folder at all. Just want may space back and this folder to be empty

  • @ozy yes now i can see here too… i never used the trash as i delete files completely, if i want to delete them ;)

    So i can see only one Trash at your picture. What do you do to remove this files from old home to Trash?
    “the Trash folder on the left with the yellow bar is 6gb old home folder”

    find ~/ -name Trash to see if there are more then one Trash…

  • It is now fixed I had to uses windows to remove the files.

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