• Too many hunspell dicts on antergos-common-meta

    The default installations comes with antergos-common-meta, which adds as its dependencies a huge number of hunspell dictionaries (de, fr, en, en_US, en_GB, etc…). This is surely unnecessary. Typically, one needs either our own locale language, or the locale language + en. In any case, if we need more, we can add it later…

    Having so many hunspell dicts on meta is a problem for those who use Firefox. Since Firefox lists all installed hunspell dictionaries at its spellcheck language list. In my case, for instance, I like to have there Portuguese (Brazil) and English (US), so I can quickly alternate when needed.

    But since meta comes a huge list by default, it becomes a pain to uninstall, since it may break a bunch of other dependencies via the meta package. The solution is to mark all packages in meta as explicit installed, and them remove the meta and the unnecessary dicts. But them we loose any possible functionality from the meta package in future updates.

    So, I would like to suggest that Antergos should drop the hunspell dictionaries out of the meta package. And install explicitly only the dictionary related to the chosen locale during installation.

  • You predicted it. The antergos-common-meta package and the dictionaries it calls for are now causing update issues!


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