• Gnome 3.28 Update conflicts with Antergos repositories

    I was just updating my Antergos, since i just noticed that Arch had landed Gnome 3.28 in its repositories. I was getting two errors relating to unresolved dependencies:

    cannot resolve "gnome-themes-extra", a dependency of "gnome-shell"
    cannot resolve "srt", a dependency of "gst-plugins-bad"

    I fiddled with it, by trying to install all other packages that look unrelated with the packages in conflict (yep really bad practice), and ended messing gnome-shell completely, with shell not loading at all.
    I ended disabling Antergos repositories from /etc/pacman.conf and updating all packages with pacman -Syu.
    I think the issue with gst-plugins-bad is with the all gst-plugin.
    Anyone with this issue? or similar?
    I would love to revert to Antergos repositories and its tweaks

  • Gnome 3.28 upgrade doesn’t conflict with anything in Antergos repos.

    Antergos has customized versions of Cinnamon and Mate only. There’s no customized Gnome in Antergos. Gnome in Antergos comes directly from regular Arch repos.

    The Gnome 3.28 upgrade, with default Antergos repos, was smooth as silk here.

  • yes i can confirm: not a little issue here on update to GNOME 3.28

  • I also have boot issues since the recent update, it shows the login screen (which it never did before because I did autologin) and after login it reverts to the login screen. I also have two gnome entries within it, but I don’t know if this is since the update today. By pressing esc it tells me there is an error in designs, and I selected the last fallback theme, which did nothing. Then I chose default theme, which brings me back to login screen. esc and cancel leaves me with so input field and a shutdown button on grey screen.

  • I noticed two gnome dependencies beeing removed with the recent update, so my issue might be different.

  • first thing i would give a try is to install gdm and enable it:

    sudo pacman -S gdm
    sudo systemctl -f gdm
    sudo systemctl reboot

  • then i don’t know what went wrong… thou i re-enabled the Antergos repos and now it’s just working fine!

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