• Can I convert my awesome analog keyboard to USB?

    Hey everyone! I am using this really awful keyboard that sounds like a high-speed car collision every time you press a key and the keys are stiffer than a two-inch thick bar of titanium! On the other hand, I have a keyboard that has a satisfying click and with soft and comfortable keys. The first is a USB keyboard and the latter is analog. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how I could convert my analog keyboard to a USB keyboard so that I can use it on my newer computer.

  • If with analog keyboard you mean the old AT DIN-5 or PS/2 mini-DIN-6 keyboards, then all you need to do is to get a DIN-to-USB adapter (converter). Search for them in Internet. I used AT DIN5-to-USB adapter for a long time without a problem.

  • or do you mean one like this?
    alt text

  • @joekamprad No! I meant a typing keyboard. It has a rounded and purple connector.

  • @cadenmitchell said in Can I convert my awesome analog keyboard to USB?:

    It has a rounded and purple connector

    can you post a picture of the connector?

  • Those kind of adapters are cheap to buy from China. Though hard to say anything about their quality, may be good or may not work at all. But they are cheap.

  • i have some of them and many more at my garage ;)

  • @joekamprad It is like the one that you show in the picture! Thanks for the tips and I’ll have to get one now! ;)

  • @cadenmitchell i could send you one, but worse more for stamps then buy a new one ;)

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