• AMDGPU Black Screen R9 380x

    Having issues with my graphics card. Every time I boot Antergos without nomodeset. I get a black screen with my fan speeds running at full blast and my system becomes unresponsive. I’ve used the antergos testing iso from here. I booted that using vesa fallback mode. Which allowed me to boot the installer without any issues.


    Which i’ve used on my AMD A10-8700P Laptop. Any other Linux distro i’ve tried did the same thing up until kernel 4.15. Now I have no clue what to do.
    Now even if I do nomodeset I can’t even boot into the system because I keep getting this error.

    ieee80211 phy0: rtx00usb_vendore_request_error
    ieee80211 phy0: rtxusb_init_eeprom
    ieee80211 phy0: rtx00lib_probe-dev

    Here’s the Specs
    AMD FX8350
    XFX AMD R9 380x
    16GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM
    2TB HDD
    250GBHDD (O/S Drive)
    80GBHDD (Random stuff)

  • @sparkz56 said in AMDGPU Black Screen R9 380x:


    Is older then current ISO
    we are on antergos-18.3-x86_64.iso this is the latest ISO.
    As we are on a rolling release the kernels are changing fast… so if your problem is kernel related it can work better with an older ISO, but only on luck…

  • Ah… i posted about the same exact problem a while ago… Then i had a Sapphire R9 380X and a FX8350 with a Gigabyte 970A-UD3P (rev2). I had the EXACT same problem as you did… wanna hear what was the solution? there isnt one…the ONLY distribution i could actually boot was Ubuntu 16.04.2 with kernel 4.8 and IOMMU = enabled in your bios. I was looking EVERYWHERE for a solution on this problem and noone knew… i even contacted amd and sapphire nothing…My conclusion was that the problem is with the chipset - motherboard… i can’t think of something else…I upgraded to ryzen and i can install anything now… So it seems like an incompatibility issue…

  • @judd oh god…i was looking for a solution over A YEAR… it doesnt matter now though cause i upgraded :/

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