• No shadows in GTK applications

    I am missing shadows for some GTK applications, e.g. pamac or dconf-editor. All the GTK applicatios use the Breeze theme, but they are lacking the shadow effect.

    Here’s a screenshot
    alt text

  • GTK3 doesn’t implement client side decorations (CSD) in the stabdard way. KWin in Plasma, which follows the standards, cannot correctly decorate non-standard GTK3 windows. Window borders, shadows, titlebar are window decorations.

    Debian distros family has gtk3-nocsd packagew in the regular repos. The package removes non-stabdard CSD, and it allows KWin to decorate windows correctly. Ugly, flat, giant GTK3 titlebars, titlebar’s min, shade, max, close, help buttons are replaced by Kwin (Kde) decorations. Shadows are returned back to all GTK3 windows.

    Arch doesn’t have gtk3-nocsd in the regular repos. The package(s) are present in AUR. The first one works for 64bit GTK3 apps, the second one - for 32bit GTK3 apps. To install them:

    yaourt -S aur/gtk3-nocsd-git aur/lib32-libgtk3-nocsd-git

    Remeber to restart the X session after installing two packages (logout-login).

    Some Arch clones have two packages in their regular repos, not only in AUR. Bluestar Linux is an example. You may add their repos to Antergos, at a lowest priority, and install two packages from a regular repo.

  • Thank you for the quick reply! I already tried the package you are talking about. When I installed it, I had two title bars, so I dropped the solution again. Is there a way to deactivate the other one?

  • @egometrie Oops, my bad. I never use pamac, nowhere, and don’t use GTK3 apps in Plasma. I didn’t notice that pamac gets the double titlebar, if two nocsd packages are installed. Sorry.

    I’ll try to investigate further, though can’t promise anything.

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