Good day to you all. Thx for a great Distro! I must say, I am really enjoying Antergos. I watched the video on where the name comes from and that makes it a little bit more special.

Anyway, I’m testing Antergos on my laptop before I’ll take the plunge in reinstalling my desktop. I run OpenBox. All work great, except my Hibernation did not recover. I found this article that did the trick:

This now means that I cannot use LighDM and Light-locker. So I would like to ask some advice on how I can get a locker on my standard setup, now running GDM (or any other DM for that matter).
I do not like xscreensaver at all. The logging screen looks old and one cannot change that. It’s a pity as it works well. But every time I log in and see that login screen, I cringe.

For some reason xet makes NO difference. Xset –q shows me that dpms is enabled. Xset s 5 10 is set. And nothing happens. Not sure why.

I installed gnome-screensaver. If I run gnome-screensaver and I then do a gnome-screensaver –l, my screen locks (with GDM). So that works. But I do not know how to get it automated. Screen lock after 10 min, suspend after 30, hibernate after 40.

Any advice pls?