• Can we stop it with the lightdm??

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  • As a user, I can only talk from my experience and perspective. I use Antergos GNOME and one of the first changes I made to my system was removing LightDM, Light-Locker etc and replacing them with GDM. The thing is that a) Antergos (and Arch of course ) is targeted to more experienced users, so the whole DM issue is more of a nuisance - 2 or 3 commands to make the change and b) Every developer(s) that creates something (be it an application , a Linux distribution or whatever) has certain parameters and defaults that he/they want to follow. So us, as users, that want to use their software, we can comment and provide feedback and suggestions, but in the end we use their product. Thankfully, as I stated above, the solution is a few commands away, and from what I can say the developers here are very welcome to suggestions.

    As for the branding issue you mentioned. Of course Antergos (and for that matter every product/service out there cares about their brand. It is what distinguishes them from other similar products/services).

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  • I do not think that devs choosing lightdm for a bad reason… and sure not only to place branding…
    But truely to make development more easy and less time consuming.

    @procyon12lotor said in Can we stop it with the lightdm??:


    • Me i do it! and i do it for a good reason: lightdm is very low on resources!

    LightDM is an X display manager that aims to be lightweight, fast, extensible and multi-desktop. It uses various front-ends to draw login interfaces, also called Greeters.

    LightDM is the default display manager for Ubuntu, Edubuntu, Xubuntu and Mythbuntu since 11.10 release, for Lubuntu since 12.04 release, for Kubuntu beginning with 12.10 until 15.04and for Linux Mint 18.2.

    I do not see lightdm is all bad!
    And to use it on a Distro is supporting the development of making it better!

    If something is missing on the wiki page, then contribute to it! or ask here at the forum,
    You will get an answer quickly…

  • short:

    if you change DM with:

    sudo systemctl -f enable gdm

    It is forced to remove the current enabled one and enable the choosen one.

    In case for GNOME+gdm you can uninstall lightdm and light-locker (and also lightdm-webkit2-greeter)

    BUT this will uninstall antergos-gnome-meta package so keep in mind to do not uninstall this packages recursive (with something like pacman -Rsnc ) if you are using default pacage manager with default settings use this one will be good…

    For locking you can now use the GNOME control center and the native power/locking settings.

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  • @joekamprad said in Can we stop it with the lightdm??:

    supporting the development

    is what i do say exactly…

    What i am saying is only my opinion, and what i understand from what devs say here before…

    Antergos is not a Major Distribution with much manpower, to get work done it needs such, and more donations.

  • @joekamprad

    Thanks for the reminder, I did just that…

    Whatever is light, fast and easy to configure. You can never go wrong with a clean, linear look and a bit of transparency. I’m not overwhelming sold on the current wiggly box look, but it works just fine.


  • Lightdm is not bad, GDM sure its more to gnome. GDM has also there quirks. GDM started feature rich and instead stepforward only stepping backward like customize your DM stuff… personally i do believe GDM is damn old also using to much ram in my taste only gnome team made gnome too much stiched to gdm.

    Lightdm is not bad. personally, i dont like the webkit-greeter, personally i used to gtk-greeter. its more stable then webkit-greeter in my sense personally it could also be a option to use gtk-greeter in the installer since lightdm search standard to gtk-greeter and simply installing gtk-greeter instead of webkit-greeter :)

    but im not a gnome user :) also understand things does not comes always rightaway :)

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