• I made some 3D wallpapers you may be interested in!

    I was messing around with Blender in my free time and I came up with a few cool low poly renders using the new experimental real-time engine called EEVEE. With the download links, you can get the image and even the original Blender files! I hope you enjoy! ;)

    “Little Space Ship”
    Little Space Ship

    “Rolling Hills”
    Rolling hills


    For anyone interested in editing the original .blend files here’s a quick notice; you need Blender 2.8 to edit these. Any previous version will now work!

    Please let me know what you think about them! ;) :) ;P

  • They look great @CadenMitchell! I love them :) . My favorite would have to be your “Little Space Ship” :) . I find your background so interesting…

  • @keegan Thank you so much! I feel like the others didn’t quite turn out as nicely as I would have wanted them to though!

  • Not everything does :) . However, they still all look great!

  • I really like that little space ship wallpaper. It’s really nice. Good work :)

  • i like the litte space ship without the spaceship and some bluehish and a shell of antergos =)

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