• Projecting screen through HDMI splitters

    Hello everyone!
    I’m a total beginner with Linux, but I was trying out many distros and I decided to stick with Antergos GNOME.
    Anyway, the problem is that I need to project some videos to a TV and a projector simultaneously. The connection scheme is a bit odd (see image), but works with Windows. However, with Antergos I can’t make it to work.
    I was wondering if maybe I need to install some packages or drivers?
    I’ll appreciate any help.
    Thank you.0_1521514574994_connection-schema.jpg

  • Anyone?
    I login with Xorg but still didn’t work. I don’t know what to do.

  • The Camera is an input device?, and two PC 's are connected to one Splitter?

    I never do something like this, but “in der Tat!” this looks odd!

    What gives you xrandr?


  • I know right! 😁

    The camera is set up to output the signal to the TV and the projector.
    We control the videos with one PC only. The other HDMI input is rarely used, but often there’s a PC connected, just in case the first PC fails.

    I haven’t tested xrandr because the connection is not in my house. But as soon as I can I’ll dig into that and post.

    Thanks a lot!!!

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