• Networkmanager update problem

    Todays update for the Networkmanager causes problems ( at least at my systems)
    I’m talking about :
    libnm 1.10.6-2
    libnm-glib 1.10.6-2
    Both kernels fail to start the networkmanager.
    If you’re not familiar to fix it, just ignore the update. (I reverted back with timeshift)

  • @bryanpwo
    Ran into the same issue.I had to downgrade networkmanager to get my internet connection back.

  • @Jeannie____
    I saw your post on it too, you beat me by one minute in posting, at least now we know it’s a bug in the update.

  • Hi all, how can i downgrade and fix the issue?
    Thank you so much!

  • sudo downgrade libnm

    Then pick the previous version.

  • Downgrade libnm-glib also.

  • @bryanpwo
    I have installed those too, but the network seems to work without problems.

    Sorry about a dummy question, but what is the command to see if networkmanager is started?

  • @manuel systemctl status NetworkManager.service

  • Yup, networkmanager is running and network works as before.

  • @manuel
    Strange, my connection disappeared after updating it on three different machines.

  • @bryanpwo I’ll try it with a virtual machine too… just a moment.

  • No problems here on 4 different machines (wifi + cable)

  • No problem on VM either.
    So, maybe reinstalling kernel(s) or networkmanager could help? Is it now possible to reinstall anything?

  • I will try, hold on.

  • Hi,

    not working on my PC.

    [email protected] ~]$ sudo systemctl start NetworkManager
    Job for NetworkManager.service failed because the control process exited with error code.
    See “systemctl status NetworkManager.service” and “journalctl -xe” for details.

  • Okay, in my case reinstalling the kernel and libnm brought me the same error, but reinstalling just libnm and libnm-glib did the trick.
    On all my machines I have a working internetconnection.

  • Hi, i’ve downloaded the older version of libnm and libnm-glib versions from archive.archlinux.org.
    I installed them with

    sudo pacman -U ***.tar.xz

    I rebooted but still no working internet connection. 🤔

  • @ilfabri
    Have you also tried the downgrade option?

  • @bryanpwo “command not found” :(

  • @ilfabri said in Networkmanager update problem:

    @bryanpwo “command not found” :(

    maybe you do not have the “downgrade” package installed

    $ sudo pacman -Ss downgrade


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