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    I’ve been experimenting with Linux since 1991 and have never found a distro that did not disappoint in some way or other. Seems like there is always a deal stopper of one kind or another. Lately I’ve been using my 52 inch TV as a monitor. It’s 12 feet away from my sofa. I don’t do complex games so the slow refresh rate is OK but I have to enlarge everything on the screen so I can see it. Simple zoom or magnifiers are no good. Too awkward to use. So along comes Cinnamon. On the Font options menu is a screen ratio changer. It’s perfect? Using it everything, not just the input text, is made larger. So Cinnamon is not a must. I was worried about rollers because of the rumors of new and unstable software being a problem. No true with Antergos. It works perfectly. It boots up in half the time of even Debian XFCE. Don’t know why but it does. The updates are managed beautifully. I installed it four times while experimenting with it and never had any problem with the installer. Perfect and easy. Every little feature of any program I try works flawlessly. No freezes and no irritarion. I love it. Just previous I’d been burning sometimes three or four distros a day just for fun. All of them had glitches, I think, due to somewhat careless adaptation, merging of software. Not Antergos. I’m keeping it. I wish that those who develop would bring a few more of the little easy games that we commonly find on other distrol over to Antergos. It may sound strange but I miss the side scrolling “Abe” and have not found it in the repositories. I don’t do enough programming to be able to make it work myself. This one little comment is the only one I have though. The only thing on my wish list. Well maybe TOR and Google Earth would be nice but when I want those I generally just boot up Puppy Linux and run them from RAM or just use TAILS.

    Good work to everyone who is responsible for Antergos. So long as it is kept vital I’m staying. I’ve installed it on my eight year old DELL Optiplex 780 with 8 GB of RAM and a 6 TB SATA internal. I now trust Antergos so much that I’ve brought all of my personal files, years of writing and all my movies that I got from either You Tube or “other places”. All my music and all my photos and home videos. My old computer is great. No wireless but who cares. It’s a desktop and the modem/ printer is right next to it. This old, nearly 80, retired guy is set and happy. I will continue to try new distros just to see what they offer but I don’t see myself searching any longer. Any distro that can beat this one will be notable indeed. 👴

    KUDOS to whoever is responsible for Antergos. And why is it such a secret? Hard to say.

  • Thanks for the kind words!
    I just move your topic to the right section.

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