• Firefox with CSD has useless border around window - in maximized

    Firefox with CSD (Client Side Decorator) has useless border around window - in maximized window!
    In GNOME Shell no has this border. In Cinnamon has.
    Other program do not have this border neither on the GNOME Shell nor on the Cinnamon.
    Problem is in Firefox + CSD + Cinnamon.

    I use Antergos(Arch) + Cinnamon.

    It is ugly and interferes with selecting tabs and scrolling with the scroll bar.

    How hide this border?

  • @look997 said in Firefox with CSD has useless border around window - in maximized:

    Client Side Decorator

    alt text

    what do you have here?

  • @joekamprad

    I want it to be turned on, I just want to remove this unless border.

  • Firefox 60 (beta) and 61 (Nightly) both have the option in customize to switch off title bar. Both are in AUR or 60 is due for release in May if you can wait.

  • @jonpaul Sorry - I misread your post.

  • @look997 i do not quiet understand you here, may you can provide a screenshot?

  • @joekamprad 0_1521393312504_Zrzut ekranu z 18-03-2018 18_11_30.png

    White border. Maximized window.

  • i can not see this here also with developer edition, on virtualbox.
    May it is related to theme you are using?

  • @joekamprad I have default theme. And Cinnamon in in 3.6.7 version(if needed).

    Maybe there is a setting that affects it?

  • Check in customize and disable drag space maybe?

  • @jonpaul It’s not helping. Anyway, I checked earlier.

    I thought it was a matter of setting somewhere in the system.

  • will need some cinnamon users involve here, as i am never used cinnamon…

  • Solution from forums.linuxmint.com:

    Switching to Mint-Y window theme […] removes the dark gray border.

    It turned out that it was the fault of the default theme.
    Earlier, I tried to change the theme, but not the one I need.

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