• Dropbox is not updated properly

    Hi @developers !
    The Antergos dropbox package is not updated properly. Currently the official Antergos package has version 43.4.50-1, but the official version from dropbox.com is 45.4.92.
    Similar large gap with the versions has been going on for quite a long time. And as this app uses the internet directly, older versions may potentially be vulnerable to various exploits.

    Dropbox is not an ordinary package, since it tries to install a newer version of itself into $HOME/.dropbox-dist. But that seems quite vague, sometimes it updates, sometime not.

    Could this be addressed somehow?

  • First thing to understand about Dropbox versions is that the huge gap between them is actually very misleading. Every new release of Dropbox now bumps the first number in the version. Thus the difference between the version in our repos and the latest is but 2 releases. Furthermore, if there are security vulnerabilities being addressed Dropbox would say something about that. The fact of the matter is that nothing notable has happened in Dropbox releases since the last time I updated our Dropbox package. I do the best I can in keeping the package up to date but Dropbox release schedule is very frequent and rarely noteworthy so its difficult to keep up while usually not very urgent to do so. I hope that clears up the confusion.


  • @lots-0-logs Thanks for the explanation! I tried to find info about the Dropbox release differences but found really nothing worthwhile.

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