• Screensaver not working, alternatives?


    Photo of the boot menu in grub, I edited out the uuid on case they can be used for malice.

    I add a 1 to quiet, by the red dot, no spaces. It starts to boot but goes blank again.

    I followed the steps by editing the conf file as suggested above.

    I realize I could just re install, but trying to learn. Also, I appreciate the patience

  • @nondscript said in Screensaver not working, alternatives?:

    , no spaces

    ... rw quiet 1 resume=...

    needs space between each option!

  • It do the trick here on all my systems, but they are BIOS systems so may you need to use the one more modern from the wiki:


    and ones you are logged in try to reset what you have edited inside /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf:

    nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

    save with [ctrl+X]

  • I really want to get into Linux, but it seems it’s a steep climb from a windows environment. Tried the Deepin build, tried the same change, this time with LTS kernel, same result, (black/blank login screen), despite the deepin window manager seemingly being installed already.

    I loved DDE, trying Deepin on debin now haha, cause why the hell not, I love this journey and I love learning from my mistakes.

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