• Deepin control center is missing from the app launcher! PLS RESPONSE!

    I hate using corners for navigation so I disabled all the corners. After a recent update, the Deepin control center is missing from the applications menu so I am forced to use the corner navigation. How can I get my Deepin control center launcher back in the app menu?

    HELP! PLS!!!

  • Okay! I found the problem! It turns out that it has a line in the .desktop file that says OnlyShowIn=Deepin. I copied the file over to my /home/caden/.local/share/applications folder so that I could edit it and not have to worry about the system overwriting the file with updates. I commented out the line and now I can see the app in the launcher again! ;)

  • Yay!!! I’m so glad you were able to get it fixed @CadenMitchell :) . I’m sorry I wasn’t able to be on and see this sooner, but life’s been busy for me lately.

    Just relieved to see you figured it out!

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