Hi Antergos Forum,

I’ve recently installed Antergos KDE on my HP Pavilion Power 15. So far everything has been working fine, except for random freezes several minutes into the session. I couldn’t figure out the reason from the journal and while KSysGuard shows the increased CPU usage (up to 40-60%) leading up to the freeze, it doesn’t show any processes using that much CPU.

I was able to run tty2 and while it was visibly slow, i managed to get the ps output, but it doesn’t seem different from what ksysguard was showing.

I have 8GB of RAM and hence chose not to create a swap partition. I remember there being a bug a long time ago where Baloo would eat up memory, but it doesn’t even seem to be running on the PC. Moreover, there’s nothing indicating lack of RAM prior to the freezes.

journal boot=-1
journal boot=-2
ps -aux output

I would be thankful for any advice or pointer.