• Install and keep a certain kernel

    At the moment the LTS kernel is somewhat 4.14.xx and the mainstream kernel 4.15.xx.
    I have both kernels installed. They are doing a great job.
    But for one application (MPLABX with PICKIT3) i need a kernel less or equal 4.13.xx.

    This kernel type (4.13.xx) has been working long time without any problems.
    How can i get this one back?
    I could not find these kernels in the antergos repo neither in AUR.
    I want to have it as an alternative boot option.

    regards, Paul

  • you can get them from archive:

    lts kernel:


    you can put it not to be updated also with pamac :
    alt text

    But it will comme to new problems if other packages depending on the newer kernel… like nvidia-lts drivers…

  • It may be possible to downgrade package linux with package downgrade.
    But just as @joekamprad mentioned, there may be problems with other software when downgrading.

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