• Antergos Installer Error Cnchi can't continue error 1019901

    The complete message error is:

    Antergos Installer - Error
    “Can’t install necessary packages. Cnchi can’t continue.”
    Please reference the following number when reporting this error: 1019901

    This was just about after or during “Checking integrity…” at the end of the install. All went well during the whole install and for some reason, it breaks right before reboot.
    It happened to me once, but I want to register this because I did not found anything about the 1019901 error.
    I repeated the install process and I’m on Antergos now and running fine.

    I do suspect of the partition creation process, every time I have errors. It’s almost absurd that this error is at the end of the process, way past the partition creation but It’s just a feeling.

    Let me talk also about the previous Antergos install that did not went fine. I installed the Nvidia because I choose it at the setup and the system did not boot onto the desktop. So this was the second install! The problem with nvidia is shown in the picture, with some dots on the top of the screen.


    Why did I installed Antergos again? Distro hop. I was testing a few other distros, last one was Manjaro and previous Fedora.

    Manjaro did not boot today. I have it on video, I’ll maybe report this to Manjaro forum but It’s sad that it just not boot, as it kept trying to boot right before where the green [ OK ] appears, but none appeared.

    I did rebooted Manjaro yesterday a few times, because I know how this things work. Antergos and Arch was the only distros I could use for months without breaking, so I’m back on Antergos.

    Fedora, well, I tested Fedora just for fun because the last install was ridiculous. And Fedora had so many problems, including booting up, that I only spent one afternoon and I’m done with it. No more Fedora for me.

    My test with Manjaro was to see if it could survive the install and boot on the next day, and it could not. It was still an option for someone who wanted a Arch distro, with less frequent updates. But, well, no.

    So distro hop of the month ended and I’m back on Antergos, that has a few problems but Antergos and Arch always boot on the next day and that is important for me.

    The problems with not only Antergos installer, usually are because we have some partition layout already created but the last installation.

    So my advice is: delete all partitions before any install. And install the nvidia driver after the system boots up.

    Antergos was love at first time back in November. Still is my choice.

    So anyone have seen this error before?

  • @casquinhas said in Antergos Installer Error Cnchi can't continue error 1019901:

    So anyone have seen this error before?

    Many times, and I suspect it may be Cnchi + mirrors related. Actually I don’t remember installing successfully at the first try.

  • @piotr I’ve installed Antergos like 20 times before or more, and only had like 2 or 3 fails. I suspect partition problems and nvidia problems only. Cnchi works pretty well if you have a clean partition, also mirrors work well for me every time.

    Antergos did not install well for me because of the partition problems, like I said before. After I removed all partitions it goes like butter. Good butter. Or honey. Good honey.

    About the mirrors problem, you can always choose manually a mirror, but this usually works well.

  • @casquinhas said in Antergos Installer Error Cnchi can't continue error 1019901:

    Cnchi works pretty well if you have a clean partition, also mirrors work well for me every time.

    3 different machines and 2 Linux distros using Cnchi give me the same error repetitively. To some degree I got used to it. :)

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