• How to enable gdm3 as default login screen??

    Hi, I’m (somewhat) new to Arch and Antergos. Debian, my previous distro, used the default gdm3 login screen and lock screen (aka GNOME-provided). Is there a way to enable these instead of logging in with the Antergos login screen?

    Thanks in advance.

  • After you’ve installed gdm, you need to:

    sudo systemctl disable lightdm && sudo systemctl enable gdm

    (after this thread).

  • @piotr Thanks! It worked, do you know how to customize the top messages (for example, remove date from the top middle bar)?

  • @nonoesimposible Well, it makes no sense to me, as it’s also a hotkey to the calendar and notifications, but there’s a Gnome extension called “Hide title bar clock”. Just play with extensions and check which of them you find useful.

  • @piotr Thanks, but how do I apply these extensions to the login screen (as apposed to after I log in)?

  • @nonoesimposible Specifically, I’m looking to get rid of the date (e.g. Mar 14) from the top bar.

  • Inside GDM you can not realy change anything without hacking methods…

    simply changing the background is something serious:


  • @joekamprad Wow! OK, I suppose I’ll just deal with the “Mar 14”. lol

    Thanks for answering though.

  • @nonoesimposible said in How to enable gdm3 as default login screen??:

    how do I apply these extensions to the login screen

    I took “GNOME” in the OP too literally, sorry. To be honest: I’ve used GDM for many months now, and haven’t noticed the date untill today.

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