• Weird ffmpeg issue

    So what I am trying to achieve is:

    • I have a background image
    • I have an mp3
    • I have a watermark (.png file)

    I want to combine those by putting the background image for the full length of the video, then put the watermark in the center of the image and then overlay all that for the length of the music.

    I figured it all out and if I preview the output file in windows, then it’s just perfect, but if I send it via whatsapp for example or preview it on my phone, then either theres only music and the image is gray (no background image, no watermark) or its just black, I guess thats some sort of encoding issue? but for the 2.5 months worth of searching, reading the docs and trying, I couldn’t fix it.

    Here’s my current code I came up with (I sadly don’t have the other ones anymore, as I was just constantly changing it)

    ffmpeg -y -i background.jpg -i overlay.png -filter_complex "scale=w=1920:h=1080; [0:v][1:v] overlay=(W-w)/2:(H-h)/2" -i 'music.mp3' ep1.mp4

    Maybe somebody here knows a solution to that?

  • It doesn’t let me edit the main post anymore, but yes, I am running it on antergos and previewing it there doesn’t seem to work either after compiling it.

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