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    Manuel, you just gave the world of Linux, a new meaning of true rolling release. A new release every 2 hours is now called a ‘manuel release’. Got that? Manuel -> Manual?

    Well, let me put jokes aside, it’s great! Even more amazing if you put it ‘always on top’ and have a quick and fast menu to open lot’s of programs or programs that you use and close often.

    As my first suggestion, please check if yad exists on the system and of not, suggest an install option. I did not have yad and installed myself, but someone might not understand why your program might not work.

    I will keep an eye on this.

  • @casquinhas
    Thanks for both your funny and kind words and great ideas! :)
    I’ll think about that ‘always-on-top’, don’t know yet if yad supports it.

    But the PKGBUILD for this should check yad as a dependency, so that should warn you if it is missing. Did you install yaygg manually? Certainly the generator or the generated script could additionally check that yad is installed…

  • @manuel yes I had to install it manually because when I ran your program it gave some errors, that I noticed were because yad was missing. So I just installed it pacman -S yad and voila’, worked.
    The option for always on top already exists on many desktop environments, like Gnome, where you can put almost every window as always on top. So no need to implement that on yad or any other way.

    Oh, wait, I was reading again your post and let me add something, because I downloaded your program via RAW option, created a .sh and executed. I did not git it or build it. It was a manual download.

  • @casquinhas
    Just made a new release that supports always-on-top feature. Thanks for the idea! :)

  • Oops! Put a wrong version, updating it soon! 💀

  • And now it is fixed! :)

  • When you have errors like this “Warning: command ‘xlibreoffice --calc’ in section ‘Basic_apps’ not recognized.” it shows a small window message. If you have more than one error, it keeps on showing that window and you have to click every time.

    Suggestion: maybe you could grab all errors and show only one window or just output to the console?

    To reproduce: put a ‘x’ like in xlibreoffice above in all 3 sections to see the error message.

  • @casquinhas
    Thanks for the input! I’ll check on those issues.
    It is funny that when you are doing a program, you just don’t see its problems… ;)

  • @manuel said in GUI launcher generator:

    Thanks for the input! I’ll check on those issues.
    It is funny that when you are doing a program, you just don’t see its problems… ;)

    Wise words have been spoken.

    First when I started in programming, oh my, back in 87 or 88, it was fun for me. But when I started to develop for a company that had people that were using the program, they always found some way to break something. I started to realize that if you put a button “press me” they will click everywhere else and open 50 times the same program and call you because the coffee tray (dvd caddy) does not open.

    And never forget, cleaning lady’s are the computers programmers nightmare. They will find a way to break a cable or disconnect something that is not visible.

  • A new release 0.1.10 is out! It gathers all possible warning messages into one popup window instead of many.
    Thanks @casquinhas for reporting this issue!

  • Release 0.1.12 is out!
    It supports more icons automatically.
    And a new feature, is supports variables inside the input file.
    Cheers! :)

  • Oooh… this project is just getting better and better! is it fine with you @manuel if I experiment a bit with it? I don’t know if I’ll end up using it for Reborn OS yet or not, but it just sounds like an awesome little script that’s begging me to play around with it 😄.

  • Perhaps this is a silly question, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get the script to work properly 😄 . I’ve tried things like app.sh --out=/tmp/app.txt, but I think I must be doing something wrong here. (named the script “app.sh” when copying it from your Github repo).


  • @keegan
    Feel free to use and experiment with it! I only hope you report the results here, whether good or bad. :)
    And new ideas are always welcome!

    You can try command

    app.sh -h

    to see some help.

    It is a bash script ,so you either need to run it with bash. Example:

    bash app.sh -h

    or make it executable

    chmod +x app.sh

    The input file example is in the end of the program. You can actually use it directly as input file, and it should work like this:

    app.sh --out=foobar /path/to/app.sh

    You could make sure you have the latest release, it is in the beginning of app.sh file, on the second line (1.12).

    If there still are problems, could you show the output messages?

  • Thank you so much for the tips @manuel :) . I finally got it figured out😄. And thank you for the permission to change it some. I’ll be sure to post my changes here!

  • A new release 0.1.13 is out!
    More on github.

  • @manuel said in GUI launcher generator:

    A new release 0.1.13 is out!
    More on github.

    “Trying is just the first step towards failure”. Doo!

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