• How to repair or reinstall Antergos


    When I was installing some updates, my computer crashed and when I power it on again, I got a kernel panic concerning with some corrupt files. I replaced that files but it still does not boot (now I have an error relating to LVM2).

    My question is … how can I repair or reinstall Antergos without loosing my configuration or installed programs? (something like you can do in Windows, macOS or some Linux distros like Ubuntu) I have tryed running the installer but I cannot uncheck the “format” checkbox (near the “/” volume). How can I do it?

    Thanking you in advance,

  • @xoan

    I don’t know about lvm stuff. But usually when the update proccess is interrupted the error is related with initramfs and one of this tutorials can guide you through, depending if you’re using EFI or Legacy BIOS:



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