• How to Install KDE from a Gnome installation?

    I’ve been testing Artergos, in Gnome flavor.

    I come from Manjaro, with XFCE.

    The system is fluid, but I see that the resources it consumes are high compared to XFCE.

    I have an i5, with 8Gb of Ram. Although I admit that I have never spent 50% of consumption of resources.

    I have to reinstall Artergos, since I forgot to create a separate partition of the Home directory.

    So I want to try KDE, it’s been more than 10 years since I tried it. And I have read that there are important news.

    The question, is how do I install KDE, having Gnome installed?
    Or should I do a clean installation?

  • Ya encontré la solución en este post:


    Lo busqué en el foro, pero don Google me llevó a el.

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