• ¿¡How can I compare files between two folders/drives!?

    Sorry I didn’t know what to name this topic!

    Last time that I changed distros I completely wiped my system drive. Beforehand I moved all my files to a USB backup drive with NTFS. When I installed my new system some files were missing such as some pictures and Blender files. This time I made sure that my Home folder was a smaller size than my drive and I copied my whole home folder to an EXT4 USB to make sure that all the filenames would be compatible. I have about 28 gigabytes of data in my Home folder so is there any way that I can systematically check to make sure that my backup drive has all the same files and that none of the files got transferred incorrectly? I’m currently running Ubuntu 17.10 with Deepin desktop.

    pls hlp!

  • I think that I may have found one answer from Stack Exchange.

    I did both diff --brief -r dir1/ dir2/ and diff --brief -Nr dir1/ dir2/ and it was mostly just .cache files. I had cleared my cache yesterday before transferring the files because it was some 1 GB of data. I think that it put those files back again after using Firefox and whatnot!

    If anyone knows of any better commands let me know! ;)

  • @cadenmitchell Okay, still can’t edit posts I see! Well anyways, the file search stops at .dbus and I’m sure that it will stop at .gvfs too because they’re both protected directories. Can I skip over those folders by any chance?

  • Ooooh… call me a nerd, but this is quite an interesting dilemma :) . I’ll do some research and see what I can come up with!

  • Midnight Commander used to do that I remember. It must be available for Arch.

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